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The following is a partial list of firms and organizations involved in double bottom-line venture capital investing. They form part of our network and we are proud of the work they do.

Arete Corporation is a Washington, DC and New Hampshire-based venture management company investing in distributed and clean energy companies.

Calvert Social Ventures is a Washington, DC venture fund associated with the founders of the socially responsible mutual fund manager Calvert Group.

Community Development Venture Capital Association (CDVCA) promotes use of the tools of venture capital to create jobs, entrepreneurial capacity and wealth to advance the livelihoods of low-income people and the economies of distressed communities. CDVCA is working on many fronts to build, strengthen and support the community development venture capital field.

Solstice Capital is a Boston-based venture capital management firm that manages private equity funds that invest for strong financial return in socially responsible companies.

Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) is a Swiss fund investing in primarily energy, environmental and resource efficiency companies in the US and Europe.

Women’s Growth Capital Fund is a Washington, DC-based SBIC venture fund investing in women entrepreneurs across several industries, with an emphasis on high-tech, Internet and e-commerce.


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